My Casio ex-Z750

My sweetie now has my Casio ex-z750 after my p&s upgrade with Fuji f30. Now that I upgrade to dSLR with Pentax K100D, I have less a chance in taking pictures with my Casio.

Having purchased two more cameras after Casio, I still feel like I am missing something. It is mainly the versatility of Casio with good image quality, ease of use, full manual control and quite awesome mpeq4 video and many other features packed in this little gem that I miss having it in my backpack 24x7.

My z750 was pictured in this photo with my favorite Joby Gorillapod.


Saturated Bench

This is a lonely bench in the original picture and I use Picasa tuning with color saturation. I know this is way saturated but this is how I want to see the picture -- full of vibrant color.