As Good As It Gets Moments

I was in Golden Gate Bridge south entrance doing the usual in bringing relatives to the popular scenery in San Francisco bay area. And I have my camera in b&w mode avoiding the common red color seen in photos. It was about 6:30pm right before sunset time.

In a back-lit scene I saw a pair of young couple taking beautiful portraits with the guy on top of a concrete slap. My hearts was pounding and raising for the shots of my day

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The Handstand

I have made two new good friends with Lukas and Elisa and I have picked the best shots shown above and send them over to the couple in email. Life is as good as it can get when we go out and live fully with passion. And in my case, that is with a camera and a friendly chat with my new friends after the shots.

I saw the couple full of energy and hope, vibrant with enthusiasm and courage. I wish I can go back in my youth and hang out with them in the concrete slab where their views are not blocked by others and they move as if there are new heights to reach. The young couple, the back-lit moments, the great scenery have made it a very memorable Saturday for me. The happy and vivid moments linger in my thoughts and I start my week with freshness and inspiration to try something unusual with strangers we meet. I have a couple of email correspondences with the couple and I hope our friendship goes beyond and that I have another chance to meet up with them.  Love the couple dearly as friends with Lukas & Elisa.

That is right, life is as good as it gets when we go out with passion on life -- be it a single picture or a simple kiss or a gentle hug with a stranger. I want to leave my boys and my blog readers with the message that we have to love and work with all our wills and passions and have the littlest regret as we can afford to keep.