Neighbor National Night

My neighbor organized a national night with barbebque right in front of my home. I enjoy it very much. With invitation to Fremont city, two police officers play us a visit -- you see one picture of me in handcuffs -- ooops. It is all fun last night. Mom, mommy and kids stayed out of the party for fear of smoke that Ben may get allergic with his Asthma -- it would have been more fun had they been there too. I am glad to have my old camera Olympus c-3040 as a backup at home becasue Carmen has taken my beloved casio ex-z750 to the Golden Gate Park.

I make a salad and drumsticks for the party. And the salad is done in 15 minutes and it actually looks better than what is caputred in the picture. I am very impressed with the look but I need to work on the taste as I put in too much apple vinegar.


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