Sam & Tu Tea Engagement

Thanks to Sam and Tu who invite me to their tea engagement party. I love taking pictures and it shows. I have 160 shots and 3 short videos in that two hour party. I would have taken more if not for the great food in the party. Pictures are great treasures for us to ponder on wonderful moments in our lives and I love to capture those special moments.

I wish I had a better camera today and more importantly I wish I know how to take pictures like the professional. I wonder if I have a bigger heart for pictures than the party photographer behind a Nikon D70. With the limited resources, I went for quantity and flexibility in my point and shoot. I am not picky and my point & shoot don't disappoint by much.

love my casio ex-z750, it shines in every occasion I bring it along. The mpeg4 video in my point & shoot is very convenient. It can really takes a snapshot of the party with few minutes of video. When time allows, I will have some post processing done on some of the pictures and perhaps a slideshow with video clips and music.


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