Ardenwood Historic Farm

My family is very fortunate to live nearby the Ardenwood Historic Farm and it is a place we frequently visit for weekend activity with my kids. And it is the place where I shot the Stubborn Peacock in previous posts.

Both Ben & Wes have a fun time in the daily program from visiting the Chicken Coup for egg collection to feeding various animals. And they sure enjoy playing with the old water pump and sitting in the hay stack.

I enjoy doing
simple post procssing in Picasa. I especially like Picas Focal B&W and the simple feature in turning a colored picture into black & white. For B&W photo, I use the 'tuning' section in Picasa to turn up on shadow to give thealternation a more contrasty look. Though Picasa may not be as powerful as other paid software, it sure gives me enough features to use on an everyday basis with my photo blog. The 'Effect' section in Picasa lets me produce a different picture every single time.


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