Stop The Verbal Abuse -- Bloggers Unite on 9/27/2007

BlogCatalog - Blogging For a Great CauseI am a day late for blogging about the meaningful bloggers unite event happening yesterday on 9/27/2007. I want to put a post about verbal abuse as they affect the relationships with close ones and the people we bump into. There are times that even the calmest of us will have used the abusive words when we run short on times or we are frustrated with what run against our ways in our daily routines as simple as in driving or waiting in line in a store checkout line. We use abusive words in many ways of manifestation of our emotional outburst.

More often than not, I overreact to negative emotions and stresses that I have no control of. I once saw a great article about 90/10 rule that 90% of our misery actually comes from our overreactions to the 10% of incidents that we have absolutely no control of, say the traffic jam or the needed attention of our crying children. Why sweat for that small percentage incidents that we can't
control. Next time around when people cut in front of us in traffic, let us say 'good for him or her' as he or she can get to work earlier. Yeah, right! At least, we do our part not to trigger our emotions into the wrong direction for the day. Why bring in unnecessary stresses in our daily routines, let's all be lighten up for the important.

I for one have to stop all the abusive wo
rds that I have at home. Yes, I do have frustrations at home when I lack sleep and my two boys and my very tiring wife wants the attention from me. I have to yield to their needs and lighten up with positive and praising words. I have way too many thoughts in my life that translate into negative abusive words. And I am tired of the negative words that seem so natural in me. I am here to share this blog post to remind myself and others to use positive words and stop any negative wordings that can become abusive to others especially to our close and loved ones.


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