Fish Tank

old fish tank in milpitas home
My niece gave me the best idea for Christmas gift for my two boys. I used to have a 20 gallon fish tank with tropical fishes that I had for years. I search all of my photo archives and I can't find a darn single picture of my three lovely fishes that I had over 7 years. I gave up my fish tank when I moved to my current home and now is the time that I revisit the idea with my two boys and wife.

I sure remember the time that I gaze at my fish tank for a long time and it can be a wonderful hobby with my boys if they don't get wet with the fish tank.

Update: I managed to find an old photo with my previous home where I had a picture of my fish tank. I missed the three red parrot that I raised from an inch to 4+ inches big and they lived quite happily in the same fish tank until I moved to my current home. I released them in a fish pond back in Milpitas as the fish store didn't take them as free gift.


KaiBlueCreations said... @ October 16, 2007 at 3:44:00 PM PDT

i used to have a fish tank, but the fish got to big, luckily my friend has 3!! and now has my monsters :)
happy halloween season..
peace, Kai

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