Paula Scher Maps Screenprints Exhibit in Stendhal Gallery

I am fascinated to see the work of Paula Scher in learning about the latest exhibit in Stendhal Gallery which runs from February 4 to March 27. I wish I could bring my boys to see the exhibit in person, especially the new work of Paula Scher – Map of Israel, South America and The World II.

Map of Israel by Paula Scher, Stendhal GalleryMap of Israel by Paula Scher

It is truly an art form that I have not experienced before. I have Map of Israel by Paula Scher, Stendhal Gallerynever seen a painted map with the finest detail of information done with one's hand drawing and writing. According to the exhibit information from Stendhal Gallery, the display for the artwork is printed on hand-made paper that measures 60" x 40" in size and painting will last over 500 years.

When I zoom in to see the organized detail of city names hand written by Paula in her painted maps, I am in awe with the gigantic map of information that is articulated with the finest detail in extremely neat hand writing using 30 to 40 different types of color. And I am just as amazed at the final print as much as the process that Paula took from start to finish to create the maps. It is a creative art form with elegance and I appreciate the use of beautiful colors and isolation of information in the maps. I especially like Paula's clean hand writing.

I love black and white in photography and when I browse through Paula's work and I see one of her painted maps of Africa with a darker background, it attracts my attention as I can see a sea of information in white ink over the black surrounding Africa. It makes one wonder how the artist managed to organize the immense amount of detail in the map and yet present harmony with elegance and marvelous organization.

map of Africa by Paula Scher, Stendhal GalleryMap of Africa by Paula Scher

If you visit the latest online exhibit in
Stendhal Gallery, you can see an interactive display of the New York City map hand painted by Paula and you can see the street names of New York City along with colorful transportation routes in the city. It is an absolutely stunning display of a refreshing art form as I can see the map in detail. It is creative, original and unique.

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street_vision said... @ February 5, 2010 at 8:19:00 AM PST

WOW, Hin. Thanks for sharing this. It is gorgeous. I will be sending a link to a few friends who I know will enjoy this as well. :)

Andrew said... @ February 10, 2010 at 11:03:00 PM PST

The first map reminds me of the Madaba Mosaic Map in Jordan which I saw just two weeks ago!

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