Crying Rock in Right

Crying Rock in Right

Crying Rock in Right

by Hin Man, on Flickr

It was my 6th week after ACL reconstruction surgery and I hiked down the path to the right of the Crying Rock. When I reached down to the base with a sandy path to Slot Canyon, I looked back and I shot a number of pictures on the rock that I hiked down with a single crutch and I was not paying attention to the crying man in the rock until someone on Facebook and another different person on Flickr commented on one of the related pictures and sure enough, I see the crying man in the right side of the rock. 

Picture was taken in visiting Valley Of Fire State Park that is about an hour drive North East of Las Vegas that is borderline with Arizona. A fantastic place to visit when the temperature ranges from low 60 to mid 80. Earlier in spring time would have been nicer.


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