Wedding Banquet

I am somewhat bored in a wedding banquet and I keep shooting pictures with the candle, flower and wine bottle on the table. I find Picasa Focal B&W very helpful in changing similar pictures to a different tone and mood. It is very nice to get such a wonderful feature on a free tool. Suprisingly good.

After the Picasa review, the Effects in focal b&w has become my favorite of use in Picasa. I hope I am not over-using the feature. But when I get bored, I shoot roughly the similar subjects and the Focal B&W comes in handy in creating a different picture based on the same subject. I am novice and this feature adds another dimension to my amateur shooting skills.

Upon turning a picture to Focal B&W, the program in Picasa allows you to change the subject of coloring and provides you the size to alter the circular dimension of the coloring subject of your choice. After the application of
Focal B&W effect, I usually go back and adjust the 'highlight', 'fill light' and 'shadow' in 'Tuning' section.


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