Ultimate Film Camera

Picture taken in art gallery of Rodney Lough Jr.
in San Francisco Fisherman Wharf area
Rodney Lough Jr's camera replica I know very little about film camera, let alone all the different formats that I get confused from time to time. I was lucky to take a shot of this camera. On new year eve evening, I was in San Francisco Rodney Lough Jr. in one of his private art gallery. I was in awe with all the life like looking windows into the beautiful captures of his vision by his cameras. Sharpness is not the right word I can use to describe the printing in his gallery. It is live like. Some of the prints sells for the price of 10 copies of K10D and I was asked if I was interested in attaining his workshop and seminar on photography, I kindly asked for the cost, I was quoted $1K and the gentleman guarding the gallery allowed me to take a photo of a replica of Rodney's day to day camera. I am in awe with his work, more can be seen in
Not that I try to sell or promote his work here but I can relate my admiration to Rodney's work. And I certainly hope film stays for the artistry, history and wonderful varieties for all of us photographers with both film and digital bodies. I embrace the past, current and the future gear in my passion. I just don't know how to put it, film has an important place. And I really love seeing the fantastic work of film cameras and I am attracted to film for reason that I can't explain clearly at the moment.

And since that eye opener on new year eve, I have learned about another great photographer who uses 8x20 film and his work is another mind opener. His story going from 8x10 to 8x20 films for his work is especially interesting. His 8x20 film costs $10,000 for one shipment from Kodah, I highly recommend all the LBA (lens buying addiction) and BBA (body buying addiction) to go there to see the story behind the ultimate film camera and get inspired by his work


Anonymous said... @ March 1, 2008 at 6:24:00 PM PST

i need one

Brett said... @ March 13, 2008 at 6:42:00 AM PDT

I'm glad i don't have to carry that around

KaiBlue said... @ March 14, 2008 at 11:33:00 AM PDT

Your family is outrageously gorgeous Hin, love the last photo of them..
I think this post is super interesting..Imagine a camera that size and now we have digital!!
Peace, Kai

Anonymous said... @ March 16, 2008 at 6:30:00 AM PDT

Beautiful photography. I really enjoy your work and have recently added your link to my new site, ILovePhotoBlogs.com, which is a daily showcase for photoblogs. Keep up the great work and check out my site when you have a moment.

Photo Frame said... @ August 10, 2011 at 12:03:00 AM PDT

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