Meeting Bear Bear, A Male Pomeranian

Bear Bear is the name of a male Pomeranian that I met on a Wednesday. He is the cute dog belonging to a barber shop that I frequent to. I have a difficult time to find the pictures that I like to post for Bear Bear as he is just too cute and every stand and post is different. When I got to the shop and saw him on the couch, I couldn't stop to ask for pictures with that barber shop. My camera and flash woke him up from his lap and he barked at me as if he wanted to protest my disturbance to his quiet time. Though the barking, he sure was gentle and kind to my presence. His owner returned and he stopped the barking. He became more friendly and let me touched his fluffy body. It was cotton like. I later had a more difficult time in taking shots for Bear Bear as he constantly jumped up in joy anticipating another cookie from his owner. He was such a cheerful friend and he lifted my spirit high all day and when I manage to download his pictures, he once again warmed up my heart with his watery eyes and a prince charming face.


todd said... @ October 17, 2009 at 10:38:00 AM PDT

Wonderful capture Hin! Looks like a pro studio shot. Thanks for your kind post over at my family site.. ;-)

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