Yahoo Summer Camp 2006

Just have the Yahoo summer camp in Blackberry Farm in Cupertino. Though the big crowd and ridiculous wait for the train ride with 4 carts, Benjamin and Wesley have a great time.

Carmen and I have a very difficult time with Wesley. I wake up in the middle of the night and I am starting to yield to the $200 counseling session idea on Wesley rebellious behavior. We are rocking bottom in disciplining him. Wesley brings out the worse in me as a person.


Twin: Me & Jonathan

We are identical twins. We see some resemblance with my two boys.

I truly hope that my two boys are as close and loving as I am with my twin brother.


Early Bike Ride

I got some crazy idea from yesterday early bike ride. Video-taping the ride. Yes, right! How can I bring along my camcorder? Here is my first attempt with my camera casio ex-z750 in normal movie mode without post processing.

While taping, I have little idea how it goes. But the thought that we will never fail in trying is with me. Life should be fun and it should be recorded and shared as such.
I will upload video if my casio and I survive the ride this morning. Jonathan, love you and your bike.

Update: and it works

Warning: rough motion


Potluck with Beef Stew

Just learned that using tomatoes, unions and rock sugar helps in making the beef tender.

I have joined a lunch group with Mandarin speaking co-workers. Language learning is healthy for the brain. I pick the beef stew for the potluck event and it turns out quite well. Though it takes some time to prepare the dish, I love how it turns out -- yummy to say the least.


Stubborn Peacock (Ardenwood Historic Farm)

We have a close encounter with a stubborn peacock while visiting Ardenwood Historic Farm. I was walking in circle trying to get a glimpse of this beauty in the front.


Happy Mom with Sansa e250

Mom is totatlly happy with the new toy with Sandisk Sansa e250. That is an outstanding and relatively inexpensive mp3 player plus some. It can play back pictures and videos. It has built in 2gig memory and a microSD expansion. I have loaded up the Children Program recording from home and Mom is happy riding the bike with it today.


Favorite Train Ride

Two months back in May, Wesley had a wonderful time in a train ride in Oakland zoo

And here are some pictures he has after the train ride. There is a story behind the pictures.

Daddy, this is a great ride.
I love it!

Daddy Daddy!
Honey, what is it?
I have to go!


Brotherly love

Here is a clip of two brothers together with brotherly love. The camera casio ex-z750 does take good pictures and video in good lighting condition.

Sometime pictures don't tell the whole story -- there are times that they fight each other over thing they have in possession. It saddens us but Carmen and I are taking the memory of good times in the pictures to re-inforce our patience for better time to come .....


Movie clips from camera

Here are two movie clips from my point & shoot camera -- casio ex-z750. It is one of the most useful camera that I have owned.



I have been thinking of documenting my daily routines in the gym. I go there for many good reasons and it is a rare find in me in taking health more seriously. In doing so, I end up having an album of Yahoo campus. Some pictures include that of the Yahoo gym and the buildings around the campus. Maybe I can dedicate the photo album to Marc and Julian who have inspired me into the gym with their activity into Marathon and Triathlon.

This picture is taken outside the gym of yahoo campus -- it is open for 24/7. My favorite in the gym is the elliptical machine and this one in the picture.



Looking around for RSS feed in blogger. It is supported only in 'pro' account with subscription fee -- bummer. Luckily I found Feedburner in http://feedburner.com/. I have put in the first two links in my blogger template

Subscribe to Hin's Blog

Add to My AOL

Add to Google

My blog page has two on the right side. Hmm, I am still experimenting.


My cubicle in Yahoo!

This is my first attempt with autostitch in stiching up multiple pictures to give an wide angle. I have few decorations done this week with some recent pictures in my cube making it more pleasant. I brought in from home the unused Logitech speakers that has been collecting dust in the garage


Summer weekends

It has been quite a number of weekends that we manage to find time to plan for an activity with Benjamin and Wesley. Mostly we go for hiking in a park and lake setting and sometimes we venture out to places like Folsom in Sacramento and Walnut Creek for a spontaneous visit.

With a bit of planning, not only do we all enjoy summer weekends, we hope that both Benjamin and Wesley get stronger with more outdoor activity. We have been desparate with the frequent occurences of asthma with Benjamin. And for the last two months, Benjamin asthma has not recurred and we hope it to stay the same.

It is quite a workout to carry Wesley on my shoulder for a walk to Deer Hollow Farm -- I felt like longer than a mile as my neck was hurting when Wesley leaned forward pressing hard on my head in fear of falling.

And carrying Benjamin is a bit easier as he is still small and we hiked in Lake Chabot in the July4th weekend.


Mp3 early upgrade

I know I know. I am very satisfied with the little Sandisk Sansa m230 -- a 512 Mb in storage. It costed me only $37.00 about three weeks ago in Amazon and it was prized without the hazzle of rebate. I had hesitation in not going with the 1 Gig version in m240. I picked m230 mostly for the convenience of going to the gym with a FM radio and I opted for cheaper prize.

And now Carmen finds that we need a bigger one for listening to audio programs for parenting with all the wonderful recording programs sent from my brother in law in Hong Kong. Yes, our second Mp3 player with Sandisk Sansa e250 is on its way for delivery in about a week. Can't wait!!! One review that gets my attention is in this site AnythingButIPod.

If it works out, we may look for Sandisk Sansa Speaker dock to replace the very nice CD/Radio broken by Wesley.


Hat and dance

Here is the cutie with Ben dancing to the music while having a great time with Carmen's hat.


Mp3 player

I recently bought an mp3 player. It is a Sandisk Sansa m230. It makes a night and day difference for me from jogging in the morning to visiting gym in the office. This little gadget make it sweet in exercise. It gives me the extra boost that I need in drawing my attention to music. Wesley is interested in the player too.


Waking up early

I started my day waking up very early like 6:00am in the morning. I felt tired and skipped the jogging today and headed for Burger King with "Your Best Life Now" by Joel Osteen. Once at work, I can't concentrate well and land myself with my first blog entry in Google -- I don't know how I get here.

I have always wanted to see how it looks like in posting picture in google blog. Here is the 1st attempt with flickr image. When I get tired, I think of my wonderful family. Here is Benjamin exploring Yahoo! campus where I work.