Summer weekends

It has been quite a number of weekends that we manage to find time to plan for an activity with Benjamin and Wesley. Mostly we go for hiking in a park and lake setting and sometimes we venture out to places like Folsom in Sacramento and Walnut Creek for a spontaneous visit.

With a bit of planning, not only do we all enjoy summer weekends, we hope that both Benjamin and Wesley get stronger with more outdoor activity. We have been desparate with the frequent occurences of asthma with Benjamin. And for the last two months, Benjamin asthma has not recurred and we hope it to stay the same.

It is quite a workout to carry Wesley on my shoulder for a walk to Deer Hollow Farm -- I felt like longer than a mile as my neck was hurting when Wesley leaned forward pressing hard on my head in fear of falling.

And carrying Benjamin is a bit easier as he is still small and we hiked in Lake Chabot in the July4th weekend.


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