Mp3 early upgrade

I know I know. I am very satisfied with the little Sandisk Sansa m230 -- a 512 Mb in storage. It costed me only $37.00 about three weeks ago in Amazon and it was prized without the hazzle of rebate. I had hesitation in not going with the 1 Gig version in m240. I picked m230 mostly for the convenience of going to the gym with a FM radio and I opted for cheaper prize.

And now Carmen finds that we need a bigger one for listening to audio programs for parenting with all the wonderful recording programs sent from my brother in law in Hong Kong. Yes, our second Mp3 player with Sandisk Sansa e250 is on its way for delivery in about a week. Can't wait!!! One review that gets my attention is in this site AnythingButIPod.

If it works out, we may look for Sandisk Sansa Speaker dock to replace the very nice CD/Radio broken by Wesley.


robbinshood said... @ August 14, 2006 at 4:59:00 PM PDT

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