Though a lot of sleepless nights into working like mad with parallel and distributed execution of data warehousing at work, I am very thankful all week. And these random four picture combo sums up where my heart went


Everything Impossible

Mercy Me Lyrics - Everything Impossible Lyrics

I was taught to be practical in everything I do
Holding on to what is tangible, and then came You
That's when I found myself so far away, from everything I knew
I took a leap of faith
Even though You're difficult for me to explain
I know I'll never be the same
You're everything I cannot see
You're everything I cannot say
I know it all seems so illogical
But that's okay
You're the love You give to me
You're the love I give away
You are everything impossible
And that's okay
That's okay!

All the things that make no sense to me, draw me to You
Like finding freedom by surrendering, can it be true
With everything I can and cannot know
This mystery is bringing life to me
And all this love I have for You I can't contain
I know I'll never be the same
You're everything I cannot see
You're everything I cannot say
I know it all seems so illogical
But that's okay
You're the love You give to me
You're the love I give away
You are everything impossible
And that's okay
That's okay
What's so hard to understand
What I cannot comprehend
Is that You love me the way I am
You're everything I cannot see
You're everything I cannot say
I know it all seems so illogical
But that's okay - acapo


Magazine Cover

I find an amazing site in working with Flickr Photos in flagrantdisregard.com. Ben & Wes Summer Edition, oh my, it does look like magazine cover. Ben is now more vocal and active playing with his bigger brother Wesley. You can see it in the cover main picture -- he is always pulling Wesley from the back and he loves doing that.




Mosaic Maker

I just found the Mosiac Maker from flagrantdisregard.com and lots of other stuff. And here is the Mosaic on my blog photoset

I also use the another tool from flagrantdisregard.com in my Flickr profile.

hin_man. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr


Sam & Tu Tea Engagement

Thanks to Sam and Tu who invite me to their tea engagement party. I love taking pictures and it shows. I have 160 shots and 3 short videos in that two hour party. I would have taken more if not for the great food in the party. Pictures are great treasures for us to ponder on wonderful moments in our lives and I love to capture those special moments.

I wish I had a better camera today and more importantly I wish I know how to take pictures like the professional. I wonder if I have a bigger heart for pictures than the party photographer behind a Nikon D70. With the limited resources, I went for quantity and flexibility in my point and shoot. I am not picky and my point & shoot don't disappoint by much.

love my casio ex-z750, it shines in every occasion I bring it along. The mpeg4 video in my point & shoot is very convenient. It can really takes a snapshot of the party with few minutes of video. When time allows, I will have some post processing done on some of the pictures and perhaps a slideshow with video clips and music.


Happiest Moment

I told my buddy Sam a couple of times that my happiest moment is jogging with him in the little hill loop close to Yahoo campus. It has significant meaning to me as I have never jogged over half an hour in my whole life. I thank God everyday in bringing in wonderful people like Sam and all other good friends that I am very fortunate to have met up. Sam has been encouraging me and it was because of him that I manage to jog passing the 2nd mile with ease and closing the gap to the 3rd mile.

It is perhaps little accomplishment to other people but this is a big deal to me as I have started to appreciate life with different insights.

Warning: very rough motion, ain't pretty


Pretty Sky

Instead of the normal sunset, I left office late at 7:45pm. I knew I would likely miss the sunset. Somehow, I still mount my casio ex-z750 onto the Joby tripod on the car dashboard. I am glad that I did. The sky is amazingly beautiful tonight. Sometime life does not turn out to be what we expect but some pleasant surprises come along the way if we embrace the unknown.

Song from CD by Raining.Jane



Benjamin's Asthma came back over the weekend. We took turn in caring for him with the Nebulizer and urgent care visit. The little guy was very sick on Saturday but he recovers quickly by Monday. While tending Ben, I have many thoughts on my Mom. I wish I can be home tending her along with my Dad. It has been extremely tough on my Dad caring for her in the beginning stage of Alzheimer while dealing with his own health issues.

Mom is very pretty in the picture and I still can't tell which one is me in all the three twin pictures that I have with Jon and Mom. I miss my mom very much and the picture brings me much closer to home than I realize. It is comforting.


Sunset Going Home

It is always pretty going home with Sunset. I am always anxious to see this part of my ride home. The scene reminds me to thank God for the peace and beauty that He has placed in front of me every night. It is fantastic when I pause for a moment to appreciate the goodness in life.

It is quite often that I have positive
thoughts in my ride home. Sometime I think of my family and close friends. I wish they can be there to share the moment with me. And I take this very special Friday to capture the moment for my family and friends.

Love you all.

The song was played in my wedding. I can see her in the song.


Kissing Benji

We just had an early celebration of Benjamin's 2nd birthday. It turned out to be the best birthday we have. Thanks to Mommy and my sister-in-law help with the food. Yummy. The birthday cake that she got for Ben was tinny for a purpose -- we all try to cut down on sugar but we don't want to spoil the kids' enjoyment.

Ben is the love of our life.
He is such a sweet kid. When he gets asked for a kiss, this is what we get in return.



Life is a beautiful journey.
Never stop loving.



So, stop pacing the aisles and counting the miles.
Instead, climb more mountains,
eat more ice cream,
go barefoot more often,
swim more rivers, watch more sunsets,
laugh more, cry less.
Life must be lived as we go along.
The station will come soon enough.

author unknown



The more you praise and celebrate your life,
the more there is in life to celebrate.

by Oprah Winfrey



Express yourself completely, then becomes quiet.
Open yourself to heaven and earth, and be like the forces of natures.

When the wind blows, there is only the wind;
when it rains, there is only rain;
when the clouds pass, the sun promises to shine.

If you open yourself to insight, you are at one with insight and you can use it completely.
Open yourself to heaven and earth, then trust your natural responses; and everything will fall into place

by Lao Tzu



Take time for what's important to you, what makes you happiest,

Take time to be with those you love, sharing wishes and secret dreams.

Take time to look around at all the gladness the world offers.

All of it is yours, if only you take the time

-- author unknown


Neighbor National Night

My neighbor organized a national night with barbebque right in front of my home. I enjoy it very much. With invitation to Fremont city, two police officers play us a visit -- you see one picture of me in handcuffs -- ooops. It is all fun last night. Mom, mommy and kids stayed out of the party for fear of smoke that Ben may get allergic with his Asthma -- it would have been more fun had they been there too. I am glad to have my old camera Olympus c-3040 as a backup at home becasue Carmen has taken my beloved casio ex-z750 to the Golden Gate Park.

I make a salad and drumsticks for the party. And the salad is done in 15 minutes and it actually looks better than what is caputred in the picture. I am very impressed with the look but I need to work on the taste as I put in too much apple vinegar.