Thanksgiving 2006

As my wife is on vacation with our Casio ex-z750, all thanksgiving pictures this year are taken with my old camera -- Olympus c-3040Z. All are handheld and postprocessed with Picasa Focal B&W

And several days of outing with my kids to various places without a compact p&s has prompted me to order our 2nd p&s with Fuji f30. And that dampens a bit for my quest to dSLR or the like. After some thoughts about the dSLR and the time commitment that I need to have for the hobby, I decide to pick another very capable p&s so that I can always have one ready with me while leaving the other for my wife to use. My dSLR plan is still somewhat in the air.


McDonald in Focal B&W

This is the McDonald that I visit almost every other day when I commute with Y! Shuttle to work. It is quite unique and I use Picasa Focal B&W in post processing

And this is perhaps not as kool as the Stanford McDonald that I pictured before with a Piano playing music in business hours, this McDonald has its own charm with antique style furniture, beautiful lighting and high ceiling. And best of all, I can use internet and ypn from AT&T WiFi to start working while waiting for the Yahoo Shuttle commuting to work. The other place that I visit in the morning with WiFi service is Mission Coffee.

And all Yahoo Commute Shuttles provides WiFi to the communters. I am online throughout my wait for the shuttle as well as boarding on the shuttle.

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Clean Slate

I kind of know the title may not be right for the picture. But that is what it conveys to me -- a fresh start. Let's clean up our act and have a fresh start.


Smart & Witty

This is Wesley around 14th month. Back then, we were using the Olympus c-3040. I loved this shot of Wesley. He is a smart and witty and I don't see him resembling his Daddy and Mommy in personality. He is smart and witty. And he has every reasons to do well in life. I love him to death and yet there are times that I struggle with him at home and he is someone who gets me to rethink of my role in parenting on a constant basis. If I manage to survive him in parenting along with raising the family, I can achieve anything in life.

I am so blessed for my family and yet I am still struggling every single day to be a good and responsible parent. He, his brother and my wife is my number one priority.



These two pictures are taken in Yahoo campus in Mission College while waiting for shuttle. The waiting area is actually part of the cafeteria in between the two tall buildings MC1 and MC2.



I love this B&W shot of Wesley exploring in the Ardenwood Historic Farm park.


Self Portraits

Though I love taking pictures of others, I am not someone who like to be pictured. Once in a while, it is okay and I am in love of taking ambiguous shots of myself in the mirror or in the shadow.

I believe I am a warm person and I love to hug everyone of my friends when I run into them but there are moments that I want to be alone and act quietly in the crowd hoping no one else notices me. I am weird and I can't figure the weird part of me.

I enjoy the solitude in taking pictures capturing the unique moment that may never come back in the future. A snap of the moment is right at the shutter.


Bright Future

I love taking pictures and I like this shot of Ben overlooking the entrance to Children Discovery Museum. He is looking into his bright future.

I almost want to find a Bible verse or a short writing as in a poem and poetry for the picture. But I am pressured on time and my lack of daily devotion really punches me in not finding that very verse that I have in mind.

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Ardenwood Historic Farm

My family is very fortunate to live nearby the Ardenwood Historic Farm and it is a place we frequently visit for weekend activity with my kids. And it is the place where I shot the Stubborn Peacock in previous posts.

Both Ben & Wes have a fun time in the daily program from visiting the Chicken Coup for egg collection to feeding various animals. And they sure enjoy playing with the old water pump and sitting in the hay stack.

I enjoy doing
simple post procssing in Picasa. I especially like Picas Focal B&W and the simple feature in turning a colored picture into black & white. For B&W photo, I use the 'tuning' section in Picasa to turn up on shadow to give thealternation a more contrasty look. Though Picasa may not be as powerful as other paid software, it sure gives me enough features to use on an everyday basis with my photo blog. The 'Effect' section in Picasa lets me produce a different picture every single time.


My Shadow

I have a lot of fun taking a picture of my own shadow. I want to find a poem and poetry but I don't find the wordings that match my interest. So for now, I have to settle with my own writing.

My friend is silent without words.
I envy him with no face
He shares the better or worser part of my day
He is a good friend who always listens
Until we meet again, he is a mystery
And until death will do us apart

by Hin