ABC Wednesday -- Thinking Seagull

Photo taken with Prakticar 28-70 f/3.5-4.8
Thinking bird taken with Praktica 28-70

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HinTanic Ring


My Peace

Photo taken with Schneider 135mm f/3.5
Neighbor's old ladder with Schneider 135mm f/3.5My Peace
My Favorite Song

Wish everyone a peaceful and thankful weekend
Happy Thanksgiving


ABC Wednesday -- HinTanic Ring

Anniversary Gift (cropped way down from original)
Shot was taken single handed as my left hand
holds the ring in place

albinar 28mm f/2.8 test shots
Anniversary Gift
Photo taken single handed
albinar 28mm f/2.8 test shotsPhotos taken with Albinar 28mm f/2.8 Macro

I finally find a place to resize the 10th anniversary ring for my sweetie. It is the least expensive piece in my Titanic set of topaz stones for my sweetie, but it is the piece that I like the most.

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Quiet Bunny


I Make Breakfast

Breakfast with Boys
breakfast with boys using super takumar 35mm f/3.5
I was up early on Saturday thinking that I can make special breakfast to share with my older boy. And he helped me make my coffee this morning. It was fun to make breakfast and coffee with him this morning, very warm and toasty.

But as soon as his younger brother woke up staring at the breakfast, I knew I didn't have enough.

breakfast with boys using super takumar 35mm f/3.5My younger boy had about 1/3 of the egg and he shares the toast with his brothers. And as usual, all broccolis were left for me to enjoy after they were done. And I managed to have at least the coffee to go with the tasty broccolis in the picture -- I surely missed the eggs with cheese and the toast.


Red Fall Leaves

Photo taken with Scheider 135mm f/3.5Red fall leaves with Schneider 135mm f/3.5
I love the red fall leaves around this time of the year and my neighbor has vine with beautiful fall leaves all in red color, And I find another time to take pictures of the little grapes that are under those red leaves in the summer time.

Red fall leaves with Schneider 135mm f/3.5And my neighbor backyard has the beautiful fence around his backyard filled with vines, berries and flowers of various kinds

Neighbor fence with flowers and vine picture taken with Schneider 135mm f/3.5


My Best Life Now

It is Ben's little fingerYour Best Life Now by Joel OsteenYour Best Life Now by Joel Osteen

I am having my best life now in trusting the Lord for His grace and mercy. I used to have problem picking up this book as the book cover paints an image of a successful person with smile that steals attention and I find it not suiting my purpose in looking for peace, comfort and guidance in the Lord when trouble times touch water for me.

And recently with prayers and slowly built up faith in Him, I picked this book as one of the ten books with keepsake memory on my 10th anniversary poem, I reread this book with confidence and great blessings from above. I am thrilled with joys on how few chapters touch upon me in seeing what are missing in me to be cheerful and faithful Christian.

I have believed Jesus for many years since college and I have never gotten rid my worrisome character and self low esteem image. The chapters on 'favors minded' and 'self image' really encourage me and I have lived those chapters with stories to write a chapter of my own. Thank you Joel for the wonderful work and encouragement in this book. I am living my best life at this moment and I don't want to go back to yesterday.


ABC Wednesday -- Quiet Bunny

Photo taken with Pentax DA 50-200 in
Yahoo Mission College Halloween Parade
bunny boy in halloween 2007 with Pentax DA 50-200
ABC members, please excuse my post for not finding the right word. The picture of Ben is a recent favorite of mine where he dressed as bunny in Yahoo Company Halloween Parade (slideshow in link)

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Popping Anniversary Smile


Have To Love

I find this video from a blogging friend of mine in http://elizaoprisor.blogspot.com/. I find the song lovely especially the part sung by the young male singer. I love the artistry, the rhythm and the lyrics, quite charming and romantic.

Love can be blind and painful and love can be a mistake for some but love is what makes us strong and fantastic in our lives. It gives us reasons to be cheerful in pain and it gets us going for the mundane tomorrow. The seconds we are empowered with love, our seconds will go by as days with joys and wonders without words that can describe. Love conquers and love endures. Love is kind and patient. Love is beautiful and romantic. We all need to love and be loved!

Never stop loving by Hin ManNever stop loving
by Hin


ABC Wednesday -- Popping the Anniversary Smile

Photos taken with Pentax FA 50 f/1.4
sweeite big smile on 10th anniversary with Pentax FA 50 f/1.4
She is so pretty with that smile
smile on anniversary
I love this shot
smile on anniversary
All photos were taken with Pentax FA 50 f/1.4 hand-held. If you want to see more of the anniversary photos, please visit

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