My Best Life Now

It is Ben's little fingerYour Best Life Now by Joel OsteenYour Best Life Now by Joel Osteen

I am having my best life now in trusting the Lord for His grace and mercy. I used to have problem picking up this book as the book cover paints an image of a successful person with smile that steals attention and I find it not suiting my purpose in looking for peace, comfort and guidance in the Lord when trouble times touch water for me.

And recently with prayers and slowly built up faith in Him, I picked this book as one of the ten books with keepsake memory on my 10th anniversary poem, I reread this book with confidence and great blessings from above. I am thrilled with joys on how few chapters touch upon me in seeing what are missing in me to be cheerful and faithful Christian.

I have believed Jesus for many years since college and I have never gotten rid my worrisome character and self low esteem image. The chapters on 'favors minded' and 'self image' really encourage me and I have lived those chapters with stories to write a chapter of my own. Thank you Joel for the wonderful work and encouragement in this book. I am living my best life at this moment and I don't want to go back to yesterday.


photowannabe said... @ November 17, 2007 at 12:51:00 PM PST

Hin Man, its encouraging to see that the Lord is producing change in you. You sound so happy and confident in your "new" life. Joel Osteen's book is reaaly good.

FOOTPRINTS said... @ November 18, 2007 at 9:15:00 AM PST

there're many hurdles we all must overcome in this life and I am proud of you when you proclaim "It's your best life now."

the world may always continuously try to beat us up but it's time take the right stand.

okie dokie must get ready for church ..

Have A GOOD SUNDAY for all of you

~ annita

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