City Lights In Fog

san francisco cliff house in flog with Ricoh xr-pPicture with Ricoh xr-p
developed and scanned by Foto Express in San Jose
Kodak Professional BW400CN (asa set for 400)

I took this city lights in fog in Cliff House area of San Francisco mentioned in previous post. I always like black and white film and it is a dream come true this year that I indulge myself on trying out black and white film on a film camera. I am broke with the developing cost but I am very happy to see my pictures developed and the whole process of dropping the film and picking up the next day with suspense moments in between. The wait is insane compared to digital but it also goes with the wowing factor when I see the results.


Luke Spencer said... @ December 27, 2009 at 10:54:00 PM PST

I like the pictures you have taken for this web page...they are full of personality + professional.

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