San Francisco Cliff House In Fog

san francisco cliff house in flog with Ricoh xr-pPicture with Ricoh xr-p
developed and scanned by Foto Express in San Jose
Kodak Professional BW400CN (asa set for 400)

It was late on a Saturday afternoon and my family had a short visit to the beach that was down by the Cliff House area in San Francisco. When we left, all the lights are on and it was getting dark around 5:30pm and I tried out my latest film camera with Ricoh xr-p and I quickly see that at f/3.5 with my Tamron 17mm f/3.5 adaptall2, the shutter was about 1/15 to 1/30 seconds and I was in a hurry to make the shot while family was waiting in our car. With the fog, I was not sure what would have come out.

I am glad to have found Henry and Foto Express in San Jose to help me develop my first three rolls of b&w film. I have found the right mentor and lab to trust.


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