Catch Me ....

DSC05171-2 by hin_man, on Flickr
Sigma 19mm f/2.8 old version and NEX 5N

I was riding the Gilory Garden Theme Park on a Mushroom Swing. I went with my older boy earlier and I shot my regular mode with a single shot central point. I might have done 20 shots on the 1st ride and none got into focus. And because I swung myself left and right and tried to aim at my boy in front of me, I lost my beloved LCD hood protector on my travel camera with NEX 5N.

On second attempt with my younger boy, I changed to auto-mutli-point and continuous shot with shutter priority. I was gunning on my boy like a maniac. And out of the bunch, I love this one. I set shutter priority with 1/60 sec, f/5.6 I think, and auto-iso on my small NEX camera. The lens is an inexpensive Sigma EX 19mm f/2.8 that does amazing job at a great price of $100. Can't be happier with recent Sigma great development from Art series type of lens, the wonderful 18-35mm f/1.8, and the superb available service of changing mount on the Sigma new lenses. If one ever goes from Sony to Fuji or Olympus, Sigma gives you the option in changing mount of your choice without adapters. A neat and great idea, I think.


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