The Dance & Ultimate Kisses

The Jelly Fish pictures are stuck in my mind the whole Sunday and I re-do the editing on the first one and find others to have a dancing tune to their delicate movements. Perhaps my new headphone AKG K240 has UPPED my mood in the editing part of the pictures with great visualization and imagination.

#1 The Dancing Couple

The Dancing Couple by hin_man, on Flickr

1/640 sec, f/2.8, 30mm, iso 200, -1.3 Ev, hand-held 

#2 Turn With Lovely Tail

Lovely Tail by hin_man, on Flickr
1/800 sec, f/2.8, 30mm, iso 800, -1 Ev 

#3 The Happy Meet Up 

The Happy Meet Up by hin_man, on Flickr
1/250 sec, f/2.8, 30mm, iso 800, -1 Ev

#4 The Ultimate Kisses

1/100 sec, f/2.8 30mm, iso 100, -1.3 Ev

#5 Fallen In Love

Down I Go

Down I Go by hin_man, on Flickr
1/320 sec, f/2.8, 30mm, iso 400, -1 Ev

I absolutely love the series with blue tone myself.  It is gratifying to see the jelly fish under the beautiful and unique blue color. I was in awe with the beauty and I lack studying all the detail description of the type of Jelly Fish in the Aquarium venue of the Academy of Sciences museum. The aquarium tank is quite small and this type of jelly fish are moving constantly but not at great speed in a small tank as in 30 to 40 gallon size. Size of the jelly fish is above a small tangerine.

I may not shoot it correctly as I purposely shoot it underexposed by at least one stop and adjust brightness and highlight in post processing to bring out the darker surrounding and bluer translucent color from the amazing creatures. I shot some bigger jelly fish before in Monterey Bay Aquarium with long tentacles and some with smaller size body like a quarter coin but results don't come out nice like the above.

I shot the first few pictures in b&w as I love things in monochrome but they lose the vibrant color in the beautiful and unique blue tones

Mushroom & Cauliflower

Mushroom & Cauliflower
1/200 sec, f/2.8, 30mm, iso 100, -1 Ev

The Enchanted Family

1/500 sec, f/2.8, 30mm, iso 400, -1 Ev


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