Special Treat on Coffee

I took a right turn after dropping off my older son for pre-school in the morning. I visited this coffee house the very first time even though I had driven by this place many times before. What a special treat! It is a very special place indeed. I thought it was a small coffee shop, am I so wrong before. It is very spacious inside and it has the best coffee that I have tasted in Fremont. How can I not know about this place. This coffee place is full of character and it is one of a kind in Fremont.

It is very odd
that sometime we take a different turn in our life and we meet something totally awesome to one's imagination. I thought visiting this coffee shop was the best treat of my day -- a very different day indeed. My next treat in the coffee shop is to bump into Sue whom I had worked together in iPlanet time, a joint venture between AOL/Netscape and Sun Microsystems. It is the best treat for me to meet an old friend that I have not seen in about five years. Since I met Sue, I went back for the 2nd visit with a cup of 'Don's Blend' and time flies when I talk to Sue. What a place and what a great treat for me for a different turn on a road that I drive everyday.


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