Photography Passion

Going to the mall is not my favorite activities but with two kids, visiting mall is the easiest thing to do for a tired Mom and Dad. It is my very first time that I take along my point and shoot and go wild in shooting a bunch of pictures in a mall. My casio ex-z750 sometimes has problems in low light pictures at home. In the series, I shot all pictures without flash and turn up the ev compensation to +0.3 and post process in Picasa afterwards.

And with the first time experience in taking over 30+ pictures, going to a mall will become a different kind of experience for me from now on. My passion has been taking pictures in things that I run into, capturing a wonderful glimse of a moment, an object that gets my attention, or anything that looks interesting and artistic. I am very surprised with the 2 hours photographing experience in the mall. While looking for objects to picture on, I realize that the mall is surrounded by photographic works done by professionals -- it is learning tool to observe what professionals have done in the mall. It is simply a display of quality works and arts for commercials.

I am quite happy with the
experience. My casio ex-z750 doesn't disappoint by much. And I get great help from Picasa in post processing on some under or over exposed pictures, and Picasa provides special effects for black & white as well as soft focus, and focal black & white.

I have a write up on Picasa in my Tech Corner blog page, it is a wonderful editing tool that everyone can grasp without a long learning curve.


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