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I continue the mall visit with my Casio ex-z750 in the weekend enjoying my time with my wife and two kids. We find a kool McDonald in Standford Shopping Center. Piano Music is played in this place. Hey, this is McDonald up a notch! This is my very first M with a Piano that I have ever visited.

We stay in the mall for a little over an hour. This is not as exciting as the indoor shopping mall in previous mall venture that I later wrote up on Picasa as post processing photo editing tool. But I do find interesting door front, shops and art decoration. For some odd reason, my kids like Bloomingdales. Perhaps, the art displays get their attention.


Anonymous said... @ October 25, 2006 at 8:01:00 AM PDT

Hi Hin

You seem like a very busy guy. Our found your sites off the Casio threads.

Would like your opinion. My z750 was stolen, replaced it a Leica D-lux 3, 10 megapix. Not Happy. Tha Casio took better photos and had more user tinkering available. The Leica does have better low light, but pics don't look as good. I'm going back to Casio. Should I get a Z750 or a Z850???

Thanks in advance
Scott Moulton Chino Hills ca

Hin Man said... @ October 25, 2006 at 9:17:00 AM PDT

You may have problems finding Casio ex-z750 in the market, try pricegrabber, ebay and the search engine. I would recommend it especially when you have used it before. Sorry to learn about your stolen z750. I know I would order the 2nd copy of z750 if I lost my current one. My choices will be as follows:

1. Casio ex-z750
2. Fuji f30
3. Casio ex-z850

I would have put z850 in the first choice had it not had so much negative discussions and firmware upgrade patching up on the video problems. The #2 choice is on Fuji f30 as it is the best low light p&s that I am aware of at the moment.

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