ABC Wednesday -- Wide Angle Sunset

Photo taken with Vivitar 24mm f/2.8
Sunset in Don Edwards Park in Newark
In past Christmas weekend, we did a short hiking in Don Edwards park near Newark and Ardenwood area of Fremont, California. And I brought along my Vivitar 24mm f/2.8 for the first time. It was a beautiful scene that I am happy to have my camera along in the hiking.

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Violet Chair


Merry Christmas from Hin

Merry Christmas from Hin

Merry Christmas to you all

I am grateful all year and as the
Christmas Holiday approaches and I reflect upon all things that have happened this year, I find joy and excitement that fill my heart to the deepest void that I sometimes have with doubt, uncertainty, grudges, and despair with struggles.

It is no more bitterness this year and I am thankful for my life, my family, my children, my beloved valentine, my close friends, my company, my boss and coworkers, my past wonderful coworkers, my blogging buddies whom I can count on for support, my online and forum buddies, and all of my friends who have left the bay area and my best pals and family who are far and yet so near me in my heart.

When I reflect upon the year of 2007, I can't thank Him enough for various great events and thoughts for my family and my daily life in Him


ABC Wednesday -- Violet chair

Photo taken with Casio ex-z750
Purple violet chair in yahoo campusMy company always uses purple for its color and in most of its decoration. Since I can't find any 'v' letter picture for ABC Wednesday, I come to pick this old photo for 'violet chair.'

I have been leaving a comment to Mrs. Nesbitt asking the whereabout of WalksFarWoman as I have been missing her in all recent ABC Wednesday events since her 'S' post in late November. Her blog in wordpress.com has been deleted and I can't find her anywhere in BlogCatalog or MyBlogLog, and Technorati profile. She is my best friend in the blogging community and a greatly admired writer that I always look up to for inspiration and insights into life with a positive attitude in her poetic writing. I truly pray that she is well and I dearly miss her tonight in posting my purple (violet) chair picture. I am asking all who knows about WalksFarWoman to make a sincere prayer for her. Much thanks for sharing my concerns of my dear friend.

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Support of FUSD teachers

In support of teachers in Fremont Unified School District, I wrote the following letter to five board members of the Fremont Unified School District and among the five board members, two of them reply my support letter with explanation to the issues and I am here to support both the teachers and FUSD in getting what all teachers deserve -- a contract and a reasonable raise for their distinctive and honorable profession and great care for our youngsters.

Dear School Board members of Fremont,

I am writing to you all to show support of our teachers in Fremont. My older boy is in Kinder Garden in Fremont. It is the best school that I am so grateful everyday knowing that my boy is in good hands with wonderful teachers and principal of the school. From time to time when I drive my boy to school, I sometimes joke with him to exchange role as I really love the class and his wonderful teacher. I find it more fun to be in his shoes learning from his special Kinder Garden teacher.

And it is mind boggling for me to hear about the issues of not having a contract for the teachers and let alone a reasonable raise to cover their recent increase of insurance deductibles. I may not know all the details about the issues, but I really want to write you to show my concerns as well as full genuine support for the teachers. If there is any profession that the Almighty asks me to bless for a financial rewarding career that makes ends meet plus some, I will pray to Him to give the best to teachers as they are the best guardians for our little ones to teenagers, who are our futures to take care of America and live the American dreams with generosity to help all people in all nations. We as parents have full support for teachers to have their reasonable benefits such as having a raise and contract to cover the mind wrenching and non-stop increases of health insurance costs. If the board has to cut corners in balancing the FUSD General Fund Ending Balance of $28,674,737 in 2007, please cut somewhere else but not on the salary increase that every teacher dearly deserves in FUSD. Please cut on the quality of toilet paper if you have to find a way to solve the problems.

I hope you bear with me on the frustration and perhaps misunderstanding on my part to the issues that you have. And please give your care and most attention to your kids' guardians. I am referring to the teachers of your own children, please think for a moment that every teachers who are in the schools that you drive your kids to in the morning are deprived of a salary that make ends meet, just imagine how thankful and motivating we as parents are telling the guardians of my beloved children.

Sincerely yours,
Hin Man


ABC Wednesday -- Unity

Photo taken with Schneider 135mm f/3.5
Unity fire torch in Dots CafeI always like to see a fire torch as it reminds me of the upcoming 2008 Olympics in China. I happen to have a statue of a fire torch in my company Dots Cafe for the theme promotion of Fire & Ice Year End Party in Yahoo. And I like to think of unity when I see the fire torch as it symbolizes what the Olympic game is about with unity across all nations in peace.

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Train Station


Finding Target

Flying Seagulls with Praktica 28-70 f/3.5-4.8 MC zoom

Lord God, I humbly ask of You
The strength to do Your will;
I give to You my talents now
Your purpose to fulfill.
-- Cetas

I am looking for a purpose why He has placed such a strong passion in my life with photography and I am committed more than ever to find out what I can do as a photographer for Him. He must have his plan for me as a photographer. I don't know what I am about to do but I am committed to serve Him in using my passion in His work.

Too many people make a mistake
by burying their talents
-- Our Daily Bread

I am still amateur in photography and one can quiz me on any photography related techniques and background and I will fail miserably in the test. But I do know one thing; when I am behind the viewfinder of my Pentax or the LCD in my Fuji and Casio, I am a person filled with joy and energy I never find in myself.

Panning Night Scenes with cars using Pentacon 50mm f/1.8I thought of the reason why I like photography so much and I relate my passion to how much I love people's faces in smiles and their daily lives captured with feelings and emotions that the Almighty have blessed upon us. I love people and I wish I can be the person who can offer hugs and comforts to others in times of needs, despairs and perhaps another pairs of ears to celebrate in the Lord for the wonders that He has created for everyone of us to enjoy from the warmth and brightness in the morning sun to the beautiful galaxies that we ponder upon every nights in the dark sky above us. Thank you Lord for placing a passion in my life and I give to You my talents now and Your purpose to fulfill.


ABC Wednesday -- Train Station

Photo taken with Pentax FA 50 f/1.4
Model Train Station pictured with Pentax FA 50 f/1.4 hand-heldPicture was taken in San Leandro Historic Railway Society with a train show on December 1st and June 1st and this great museum has weekly schedule open to the public. I thought my older boy would love to see the moving trains but he happened to be more into the cookies but he kept me in great company in seeing the train show. I enjoyed the model train show very much and the museum has great display of history and artifacts related to train and railway operation.

Model Train Station pictured with Pentax FA 50 f/1.4 hand-heldI can't wait to bring my younger boy to see it on June 1st as the weekly opening will not have 15 model trains replica of new and old trains running in the track for display for the public to enjoy. More pictures unorganized at the moment can be seem in San Leandro Train Show. My younger boy was sick again in the weekend; otherwise, he would have a blast with the moving trains like myself. My older boy loves to play with things and he is not someone enjoying things that he can't touch but my younger boy are mellow like me in observation with great appreciation to things we see.

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